How to count booleans?


Hi - I am trying to create a graph where it displays the number of items selected by the user. These items are marked through booleans. Is there a way where I can count how many items are selected per category using the booleans?




  • Hi!


    Yes, pretty simple, create another line item called Active Categories formatted by Number and use this formula:

    IF Boolean = TRUE THEN 1 ELSE 0


    Then use this Active Categories to create your graph


    If this is a little confusing, could you please share some screenshots and I can help more!




  • Hi!


    The simplest way will be below.


    New Item = if boolean then 1 else 0

    And sum this item.


    I am afraid that you feel some dissatisfaction with doubling cell counts to get one mere aggregation number.
    But if I were you, I would do this. A tricky way is sometimes not well understood by others.


    I hope this helps,

  • @CommunityMember131289 

    @anirudh and @Amaya are correct.

    If you specifically want a category count you can create the line item as @anirudh and @Amaya suggest and also create a system module that allows you to filter on categories so you can get the total count for categories. 


    Just for thoroughness,

    There's a question posed by @anupgade earlier about how to use the YEARVALUE function on Booleans

    If your use case only requires you to know if ANY Booleans are checked you can use this little trick to to refer to the Year value of the Booleans. It won't give you a count but it will give you a TRUE / FALSE on the category.

  • Hi,


    As mentioned by others, you can simply create 2 line items:

    1 Bool - Where user will select the product

    2 Num - Formula : IF Bool THEN 1 ELSE 0




    Hope this helps.




  • Hi,


    Create a new line item in the module. 

    Write the below condition.

    IF boolean = true then 1 else 0 

    The summary line item should give you the number of booleans in the Boolean line item. 





  • Hi

    Create a new line item in your module.

    Below condition, we can apply

    IF boolean = true then 1 else 0