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ALL: I have an idea for managing data input based on a matrix of 4 dimension intersections in a module, based on a trigger boolean stored in a like module.  My question is simple; Is it possible using any function (known or unknown) to use a formula in the module, to check the boolean intersection of a second module to verify that the intersection is approved for entry? so it might be:  For line item XYZ, IS ISACTUAL VERSION ACTUAL.MODULE, ELSE IF IS MODULE.MATRIX="FALSE",0, ISINPUTALLOWED. I realize that this may not be needed, but trying to find ways to control data options for adding input versus pulling data from other sources or setting the value simply to zero, or locked. Thoughts, Thanks. Petar

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    Once you put a formula in a cell it is no longer open for input so the better way to do this would be to use that Boolean formatted Line Item (that is marking where you want to allow input) to filter your module to show just the combinations that are checked.  Then you can publish this view to a dashboard and your users will only see the cells requiring input.