Quarter to Date Ability


Anaplan has a great Year to Date summary in the Time settings, is there an easy way to show quarter to date (QTD)?

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    There isn't a method as easy as the YTD approach.  There are various ways in which this can be modelled, for instance try...
    • Set up a line item with no applicable lists except time
    • Call the line item something like 'Quarter Start Month' and make it a boolean
    • Tick the boolean for the first month of each quarter (we could calc this but not essential)
    • For any line item where you want a QTD view, create a second line item.  So for 'Sales', have 'Sales QTD'
    • Give the new line item a calc along the lines of.... IF 'Quarter Start Month' THEN Sales ELSE 'Sales QTD' + Sales
    • If you wanted to do this for a whole module of line items then a line item subset might be the way to go.