Deactivate Formula Scope if Versions = Not Applicable




In a module blueprint, there is a field called 'Formula Scope'.


For modules where Versions = Not Applicable, using 'Formula Scope = Actual Version' or 'Formula Scope = Current Version' will nullify the calculation of any formula in a line item.


This is potentially dangerous, because:

1. If there is a formula + Formula Scope = Actual Version/ Current Version; then assuming a value is entered into this line item, this value will be lost if the model builder later realized his mistake and updated Formula Scope to 'All Versions'.

2. This is not easy to debug, because it's a specific setting in a specific module.


I'm suggesting that 'Formula Scope' is greyed out if 'Versions = Not Applicable', so that users don't even have the choice to change 'Formula Scope'. 



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