Using Python's statistical capabilities to Manipulate data already in an Anaplan Model


I want to leverage Python's statistical capabilities to manipulate data already in an Anaplan model. Has anyone done this before / had any experience with this? I know I can use Python as a data integration tool, but would like to also use it for calculations.


  • @samlambert
    Yes you can use python but you have to work with the Anaplan API set. I highly recommend you start with @chase.hippen post on anaplan using python v3.

    To be honest I have been able to implement most regression methods natively in Anaplan. However if you need something like deep learning or any type of classification methods like clustering you’ll need to bring the data out of Anaplan first and run it through your python models.

    Just keep in mind that you cannot run the python script inside of anaplan. But you can automate the process. I do it all the time to build store clusters (k-means).

    I also use python to stage my data for power BI.

    Let me know if you want an example!
  • Thanks for the reply, @JaredDolich! I've had a look at @chase.hippen's post on Anaplan and Python 3.


    It's a shame we need to take the data out of Anaplan to run it through Python code.