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Hi Guys,


I have a simple one to ask. I am loading a Period with a Text format to a Year and Month with a Number format. 



I loaded a date of Jan 13 to a Period column. Then I need to convert it to Month 1 and Year 2013.

I tried loading it as Time period which is the right way but for some reason it is not loading successfully.  See below




Appreciate the help.





Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    I would also add to @Misbah comment that if you're loading this data into a transaction module you should dimensionalize time anyway.

    Time should not be a line item in your transaction module.

    If this is for a different purpose, I would still recommend that you build a time system module to create all the time transformations you need.

    @yelena_keselman wrote a best-practice post on how to get started with time filtering. You can add to this module your time transformations and use them throughout your model.


    Here's an example of one of my time system modules. This one is on date, but in your case you can build one on the months, or whatever calendar you choose.




  • @Jsdeloria21 


    If your format is MMM<space>YY it should auto match. Can you please check your Model's timescale. If it doesn't include the time periods that you are trying to import it will reject the entries.


    If above condition is true then please check if the import file is exact MMM YY and there are no exception to this.


    Let me know if that helps


  • Hi Jared,


    Thank you this was very helpful and I was able to solve it.