Add a filter on the idea exchange that allows me to see ideas submitted in the last week


I love the new changes to the idea exchange, however, there's one filter that I think would really help me to review all the new ideas since I last visited.

Ideally, the filter would show me read vs. unread ideas but just as good would be a filter that lets me see the last 7 days of ideas that were submitted.

Then I can read through them at my leisure.


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  • Stan

    @JaredDolich I'm checking into this - Technically the 'new' filter should sort by newest to oldest, but this doesn't actually seem to be functioning as it should. Additionally, I'm checking into the read/unread status - This was admittedly not something we carried over into thew new message design for Ideas/Blogs, but can look to bring it back similar to how it functions in the forums/groups.

  • Stan

    This has been added as a component on the Idea homepage.  (*Note - long term we will be bringing back the multi-select labels as well as the ability to sort by new, so this will serve as a stop-gap!)




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