Time Filter applies to specific month



I'm trying to create a time filter that will only ever return current month and December 2020. I've managed to create a filter for both using separate line items, struggling to combine and allow users to view. 


Any suggestions? 



Best Answer

  • Hi @hinamahmood1994 


    You can try this:

    1. Add one line item to combine the both condition current period & december 2020 filter



    2. In your target module use this as a filter




    Hope this helps!





  • Hi @hinamahmood1994 


    You could do this by creating 3 line items

    A. One which contains the logic for Current Month boolean format & time dimensioned - ITEM(TIME) = Current Month

    B. One which contains the logic for December 2020 boolean format & time dimensioned - I wouldn't recommend hardcoding so maybe a line item where you choose the month by boolean (so this is really a setting)

    C. One which combines the logic boolean format & time dimensioned = A OR B

    I hope this helps!



  • Thank You! I was using And to combine my two line items instead of OR. 


    Hina 🙂