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Hi Anaplan, 


It would be really useful if users could refresh dashboards in the new UX using a process or button or if functionality was integrated enabling user to refresh dashboards.

The purpose of this is to allow users to make an input and see the impact real time.




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  • Just to note - there is currently a refresh icon on the top of app in the web browser but not the mobile so this may come soon I hope.

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  • Could you have on say the first item the header linking to the current page? Then you could tap and it would refresh the page.
    But why doesn't the page refresh when a user does a change. Or is that just a mobile thing as seems to work ok on laptop.

  • I have the same suggestion, it would be great to have as we are working with New UX as well

  • hey @andrewtye are you positive that this works? 


    I have an image linked to the same page and when I click nothing happens, so the page only refreshes with the default refresh icon next to the page name. Often users don't know about this or do not find it (read mobile users) , so it would be cool to have a nice and big button with a link to the same page to refresh (kind of like it works in the classic ux)

  • Looking at the discussion and description, this idea seems to cover both Mobile and desktop.  There is refresh in the desktop version, but I fully support the idea of adding a refresh button on the mobile version. 

  • definitely needed. We often do very procedural dashboards, starting from top, scrolling down, executing each step one after the other. Looking up to the small menu bar does not work in that flow

  • It would be good to have a refresh triggered with changes, even if the refresh could be linked to a specific module or line item on the page.  I have filters linked to other modules and users are constantly refreshing the page after each change or selection to update tables.

  • Excellent idea. Need it for scenario planning as the drivers are changed. While the refresh icon is usable its not very intuitive. Thanks!

  • Thanks @Vinaygvk7 - this is a better workaround than the one I had heard before and implemented - making a dimension with list items "Refresh" and "Refresh Again", so that it becomes a dimension you can select.  This action button is cleaner, better.  It would still be good to have the generic platform enhancement, but yours is a good solution in the time being.  Thanks for sharing!

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