Option for setting standard totals positions on rows


Totals position on rows defaults to "after" for each new module.

Would be good if one can set the default on model level.

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  • @a7r2 

    Are you envisioning something different that managing the total position?

    Do you just want to be able to set the default?


  • "Just" set some defaults on model level. If you have 50+ modules, this can become a time-consuming task...

  • Yash1

    Agree. There must be a default option, as it gets really cumbersome to manage in different modules.

  • @JaredDolich , I think most of us are well aware of the settings available that one of the first things I do after creating the module is to fix the row/column total positioning and save as default view so I only have to do it once. It might be a regional thing, but all the companies I have worked with have totals on top (so the default really is unfortunate).

  • Definitely needed! End users are frequently confused when groupings appear at the bottom rather than the top, especially in modules that emphasise non-number formatted line items.

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