Reduce row label right border


Please can the right border/margin be reduced in row labels.

The current border cuts off text too far from the cell border, below is an example. Whilst minor, this would just be a very quick fix to implement and would (slightly) improve visuals.

Here you can see that the words revenue are being cut off too early, even though there is room to draw the text to the row cell.


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  • @Nicolas Cadier 

    Good suggestion Nicolas. The whole space management in classic UX is something that would be great to be more flexible. It's not just margins and padding but also the space between objects on the classic UX dashboard. There's very limited space to begin with so managing all that white space becomes very important. I think the original idea was to force you to keep it simple which I understand completely. But, sometimes the white space is just too much. Another example is that the minimum width of an image is 100px, even if you only need 10.

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