Improve List Item Deletion


Improve the list item deletion within Anaplan so that if a model builder selects 'Delete All' from the delete dialogue when there are vast numbers of list items the model builder is prevented. Doing so would prevent model and workspace lock ups.

To explain this further:

Consider a list with 1,000,000 items. If you attempt to delete these items through the delete dialogue, and select Delete All, Anaplan will freeze.

When clicking Delete All, Anaplan should count the total number of list items. If this exceeds the 10,000 limit, then Anaplan should not proceed, as proceeding freezes the model.

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  • @Nicolas Cadier 

    Kind of a no-brainer. I can't tell you how many times I wished for this. 

    Although, one advantage of building the delete module is that it's actually a system module! So adding Booleans and other filters would probably be there anyway.

    Having a function to delete all saves a bunch of steps though.

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