Add Folders for Modules and Lists


Similar to the idea posted here, but with this idea could be a possible solution?

  • Add folders to object contents (e.g. module, list, and actions).
  • Allow the creation of sub-folders.

It goes without saying, but this would really improve model organisation, especially for larger models.

The functionality could be similar to functional area, with expand/collapse options.

The key item here is sub-folders. Functional areas are great, but you may have many modules within a single functional area. My current remedy to this is to create more functional areas with a prefix (e.g. Reporting may split into Reporting: P&L and Reporting: BS). However, this is imprecise and doesn't show the relationship between the functional areas. Reporting: P&L and Reporting: BS in this example aren't separate entities, they are both related to Reporting!

I would like this seen applied to all objects in Anaplan, however I think modules and lists need this functionality most keenly.

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  • @Nicolas Cadier 

    Love this idea and it would be great if we can toggle between tree view and grid view on the roster rather than making them mutually exclusive.

    When in grid view it would also be great if we can format the lists, modules, and dashboards that are being used as separators, like we can in a module. To be honest, the use of a bunch of dashes is what makes it look cluttered to me. Plus, it's against best practice to use emoticons and those special characters. Great suggestion.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • A folder structure with expand and collapse options is a very basic and necessary update to get us away from making dummy blank modules/lists with symbols in the name.

    I have been working with Anaplan for 8yrs and it baffles me how this still hasn't been done!

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