Anaplan Live!—Day 2 Streaming Now!

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Anaplan Live! is loaded with expert content curated just for you, and it's happening THIS WEEK! Set yourself up for continued success in your Anaplan journey and the expansion of your honeycomb with our live-streamed event that brings insights and access to Anaplan experts directly to your fingertips.

What to Expect

Walk away with new energy, ideas, and best practices ready for action when you join us on March 4 and 5 on the Anaplan Community. We've enlisted our experts and thought leaders to bring you the latest in trending topics and respond to your questions in this exclusive event. Registering now ensures you'll have access to watch along and engage with others as we connect you with experts and Anaplanners worldwide.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Master Anaplanner and Community Boss Chris Weiss‍ hosts the event live from Anaplan in Minneapolis. 
  • Anaplan expert Rob Marshall‍ dives into the popular topic of using and improving data hubs.  
  • Learn about the Anaplan Talent Builder from Francis Murphy‍.
  • Try your hand at building in the New UX with expert guidance from Chris Mullen‍.
  • Cast your vote in the function vs. function debate between Pierre Kerkinni‍ and Zack Fennessy‍.
  • Hear from Community members on career successes from their Anaplan experience.
  • Catch an overview of the Anaplan Academy with Linda Rening and Adam Bewley
  • Participate in a live Ask Me Anything session with YY Lee‍.
  • And so much more!

Register Now

All you need is an Anaplan Community account. The live stream is played through Vimeo streaming services, so be sure to test that you have Vimeo access prior to event time.

Visit the registration page to reserve your spot today and encourage your customers, partners, and peers to do the same. Then, join us on March 4 and 5 from 10:00-11:30 am CST for Anaplan Live!

Catch Up on Past Events

You can watch segments and read discussions from all of the past Anaplan Live! (labeled as User Groups Live!) events on the new Anaplan Live! page in Community, including events from San Francisco, Singapore, York, and London.

We love social shares! Post your viewing party photos, comment on the action, or give us a shoutout and use #AnaplanLive! After the event, we will compile everyone who posted and select a winner for a special Anaplan Live! prize.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or reach out to



  • Hi Hannah,


    We are unable to see live streaming at

    Please could you send instructions on where to join?


    Many thanks.


  • Hi Rashimi, 


    I sent you an email with the link. 

  • Live from New Jersey - just wanted to say great job everyone on Day1!

    @ChrisWeiss - awesome job hosting! I'm just blown away with the choreography of this event. Whomever was responsible for the technical deployment should be heralded as a hero. I felt like I was watching CNN or something.

    @rob_marshall and Ian Zhou - terrific! I can't imagine how you consolidated those 9 hubs into one central hub. But, the use-case is far too common - I helped my client right now consolidate from 4 to 1. The biggest challenge for me was synchronizing all those system modules. 

    Fran Murphy - just took a look at the talent builder. Yes!! I have in my one note all the same links so when I have conversations with clients I cut/paste it out. Now I won't need to do that. I'll just send them to the talent builder! Thank you!!

    Joanna Buchholz and @zafkamar - Always a pleasure to hear you speak and share your insight. Next time you're in NYC let me know. Would love to say hi.

    @ChrisMullen - thank you for taking the time to prepare for that session. Love your teaching style. Very easy to follow along.


  • Hi Hannah,


    I was unable to see live streaming at

    Could you please send me the instructions on where to join?




  • Hi @vaishali.dembla  - I have sent you a private message with the event link.