How to make Date as a Display name in a Numbered list?


How do you make a Date as a Display Name in a Numbered list? I added a formula into my list properties with the format set as Date and the formula referencing the numbered list and the Date field. It pulled in the number properly to the Display Name. However, the new item created in the list is still a random number and not a date. 


If I concatenate the date to a number, like : DAY(Date) + MONTH(Date) + YEAR(Date)


It adds up the numbers into one item. I need it in a number or a text for it to be a display name. 

Please help! 


Thank you


  • Hi @mary8919 


    I think you forgot to set display name of your number list.

    you can set the display name as Setting -> Lists and Roll-ups -> General List then select the display name for your list.







    You can only use a Text or List formatted property as the display name property for a numbered list.



    Hope this helps




  • Hi, 


    The display name will not let you select a date as an option in settings. It must be text. Is there a workaround like concatenating the date or something that would allow it to appear as text for the display name?

  • @mary8919 ,


    The Display Name can be a text or a List item, just not from the Time or Versions lists.  So, you can create a "fake" time list that is flat with the correct code, and in the Display Name of your list, you can reference the Fake Time list.  


    Out of curiosity, why are you needing/wanting do this?





  • Hi @mary8919 


    You can convert Date to Text format but it is against the best practice.


    Create line item to find day, month & Year and then in another line items you can concatenate day, month & year. as text.




    now in your list you can see display name as date



    @Callumw already posted this into idea exchange so you can upvote for enhancement.