SELECTING Current Version


Is it possible to SELECT current version For example, instead of coding [SELECT: VERSIONS.Forecast3] where Forecast3 is my current forecast and Forecast3 gets hardcoded in the formula. Can I code something like [SELECT: VERSIONS.CURRENT] or something similar?

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  • Sebastian, did you try Heather solution?
  • Hi Daniel and Heather. 
    Yes I tried.ISCURRENTVERSION works fine for what it was meant for (for a boolean result).
    However I was wondering if I can have it in SELECT/LOOKUP function

    For example.
    There is an existing function [SELECT" VERSIONS.'Actual']. Similarly having [SELECT: VERSIONS.'Current'] where "Current' being a reserved keyword.  

  • Hi Sebastian,

    While I'm not sure how your model is set up, Heather's suggestion to use the ISCURRENTVERSION function to return the current version results can be used in a variety of ways besides a true/false boolean answer.  For example if you want to bring your forecast3 revenue number in from another module and you are using versions in your target module - you could say IF ISCURRENTVERSION THEN SOURCE MODULE.'SOURCE LINE ITEM' ELSE 0. 

    Alternatively, if you are not using versions in your target module, you can just not include a version select statement in your formula because Anaplan defaults to select the current version when a version is not specified.