Pre-requisite for QUARTERTODATE() and HALFYEARTODATE() Function




I would like to calculate the QTD and HTD in a module. It is noticed that the QUARTERTODATE() and HALFYEARTODATE() function are not working when the Quarter Totals and Half Year Totals been disabled in the time setting. An error message is prompted when the formula is saved. 


After the Quarter Totals and Half Year Totals are enabled, the formula using these functions are saved without issue. 

I think the function should work regardless of the time setting. However, it looks like the time setting is the pre-requisite for the functions and it didn't mention in the Anapedia.


Could anyone confirm it?




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  • JaredDolich
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    That is correct. 

    You could of course create a "fake" quarter and half using a time system module but it would take several line items - but might do the trick if you don't want to enable quarters and halves.


    Another suggestion is to go ahead an enable quarters and halves but be mindful in all the modules that use the calendar to think about when you really need to use your summary. Also, you can add filters to your time system module to filter out quarters and halves when you don't want to see them.


    Lots of directions you can go but those two functions require the time settings to be enabled.


    Here's a good suggestion from @DavidSmith  on setting the time system module. Scroll to the bottom.

  • Ivan_Lo_
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    Thanks for confirming the functions required such setting to be turned on.


    I have done a work around to create QTD and HTD index in Time Attribute module. Then, in my calculation module, use TIMESUM() to populate the QTD and HTD value. In this case, I don't need to turn on the Quarter Totals and Half Year Totals which the client doesn't need to see.