Anaplan Live! is broadcasting on March 4th and 5th - Register Today

Anaplan Live! March 2020 - Register today

The Anaplan Community is excited to announce our upcoming event, Anaplan Live! (formerly know as User Groups Live!) streaming from Minneapolis. Anaplan Live! offers the chance for Anaplan users around the world to come together in a virtual space to learn and interact.

What can you expect?

Anaplan Live! is a three-hour online experience, split between two-days, packed with presentations from Anaplan experts and Connected Planning thought leaders, presented via live streaming video embedded in the Anaplan Community. Attendees have the opportunity to interact in real time with both presenters and other Anaplanners in forums and through live chat.

How do you register?

Anaplan Live! is free to attend, but advance registration is required. Claim your spot and then help spread the word! Additional details will be shared in the coming weeks. Agenda is subject to change.  

We look forward to seeing you at Anaplan Live! 

Post on Social! 

We love social shares—be sure to post your viewing party photos, comment on the action, or give us a shoutout and use #AnaplanLive! After the event, we will compile everyone who posted and select a winner for a special Anaplan Live! prize.

Want to Catch Up?

You can watch segments and read discussions from all of the past Anaplan Live! (labeled as User Groups Live!) events on the new Anaplan Live! page in Community, including events from San Francisco, Singapore, York, and London.

Register Today



  • @Stan 

    Thank you for the reminder.

    For those of you that are waiting for a link to the Anaplan Live! event, not to worry, it should be distributed tomorrow at 6 a.m. CST.

    Re: Anaplan Live! from Minneapolis - March 2020



  •  Hi @JaredDolich , did you get the link to the event? I registered but haven't received any email yet


    Much appreciated!

  • Misbah
    edited March 26



    You might have received an email from Anaplan titled We are Live. If not then don't worry they are publishing all these broadcasts and you should be able to hear great insights from Anaplan's customers & Partners i.e., Deloitte, LionPoint & some of the Anaplan's Internal folks like @ChrisWeiss - is an amazing anchor & @rob_marshall. While I was listening attentively I could feel @JaredDolich  was around and was trying to ask few questions:)

  • @Misbah 

    So funny! I did have a lot of questions.

  • @anirudh 

    Yeah, around 6 a.m. CST an email should have been sent out just as @Misbah mentioned.

    If you didn't get one, you can re-register or add a post to the Anaplan Live! page - someone can check on your registration.

    Also, check your spam folder - unfortunately, sometimes these emails go there.

  • anyone know when the recordings will be ready? or where I can find them?


    Unfortunately I am unable to make the sessions 😞 





  • Don't worry I have found them but they are blocked on my company internet unfortunately 😞 

  • @JaredDolich So your question made it to YY and that too the first one. So expected:) @usman.zia asking about connected planning use case was so cool - even I had the same question.


    Great insights from everybody.  I liked the session Function Vs Function more.I would go 51:49 in favor of lookup. But I would say one thing to both of our experts @pierre_kerkinni @zackfennessy  that if you marry you will be lethal.

  • @Misbah the SUM vs LOOKUP was priceless.

    I'm so appreciative of YY for answering my question. 

    What a great time. I love the Anaplan energy!