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Hi Friends,


I am having the data in this format.



I tried it in excel but I am getting the output in the below format. Even making States as List Formatted Line Item didn't work.




By any chance can we get the output in the format of Pic 1


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  • JaredDolich
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    You can achieve this by creating a line item for the different hierarchy levels.

    Just make sure you remove the dimensions from your module except for the one you want.

    Some people will concatenate the dimensions together to create a unique id - you'll have to create a special list to do that.

    It's kind of the data hub in reverse.

    This is a common approach for exporting data when you want the data flattened.


    Also, you can take a look at the different export options if you're trying to get this back into Excel.

    I believe one of them allows you to put in the grid format you're looking for.



  • nathan_rudman

    Hi, I fail to see the difference except for the repeating state ID. is that what you mean ?

    If yes, then there's no solution in Anaplan to do it that is only about display (switching back to Jared message for this).

    However if you mean to have this format when you download back to excel then you can have it. in the export options, tabular.

  • Misbah
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    Try Tabular format of Export @nathan_rudman suggested






    Hope that helps



  • Hi Sravan

    There can be multiple ways to get around to what you want.

    Try the one below:


    1. Create two line items in your existing module; States and Cold Drink. 

    2. Change the format of those two line items to respective lists - States and Cold Drink.

    3. Use ITEM (<List Name>) formula to get the list items in line items.

    4. Then while exporting, go to Labels tab and remove the "Name" option from both States and Cold Drink list options.

    5. Check Include Row Headers.


    You should be able to get the csv or xls/xlsx file in desired format.


    Happy Modelling.