Message Multiple Users via Private Messages

Fresh from the AnaplanLive! event I was asked a question by a couple of people on the chat and thought I know i'll message them via Private Messages. Annoyingly I had to message each individually rather than as one message to both.

Would be great if this could be possible to do. Realise that the usage might not be all that high but should be a relatively easy thing to fix.

@emilydunn what do you think?

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  • @andrewtye I think that would certainly open the door for more direct collaboration.  I also think a real time chat functionality within Community would be very cool.

  • @Tiffany.Rice now that would be awesome, although playing devils advocate would need to DMd. Maybe a such and such is trying to contact you, want to accept?

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • @andrewtye Done!  When you go to send a private message, you'll now be able to create a 'group' chat by selecting multiple users.  All users will see each others responses, similar to how something like Facebook Messenger would operate.  If you have any questions or face any trouble, please let me know!

  • @Stan - cripes! now that is efficiency. #FastestDeliveryEver

    Will give it whirl with my colleagues and let you know how I get on.

  • @Stan - nice work! feedback as ever - "if only you could reply to the email rather than having to log-in to community"

  • @andrewtye You should totally create an idea for that if you have not - In turn, I'll go figure out what magic we need to make it happen 😄   (It's really fun for me to get to flip things to 'Delivered', and I think I may just be able to do another quick delivery for something such as that!)

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