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I have been asked a lot of questions on New UX and its usage. Although there are fantastic recordings available on community & enough material on anapedia I thought it would be great if this can be answered & documented in the form of FAQs


Q1 -  How to change the source Model of an App?

Since there is no ALM available in NUX yet and you want to connect your app to Production environment instead of Dev environment, there are two ways you can do it.

  1. Go to your App -> Manage this app -> Manage Models ->Change Workspace & Change Model





By the way there are three other options as well under “Manage this app”

Edit Properties – If you want to rename your app and change/add/delete the description

Show Models – How many models are being used to make this app?

Delete app – You can delete the app

2. Go to Your App ->Click on Ellipsis (three dots) against each page -> Change model






Q2 - Can I retrieve my app if it has been deleted accidentally?

Yes, you can do that. Click on the Home Page of Apps. Go to “Manage apps” on Top Right Corner of your screen and Click on “Restore deleted apps”



Note: You can restore the apps within 90 days of the date of deletion

Q3 - Can I work on a page without giving access to other page builders until I finish working on it?

Yes, you can do that. All you have to do is make your page a personal page and then convert that personal page to app page once you are done. Your personal page will be deleted once you convert it into app page.



Once you publish personal page, navigate to the ellipsis on top right corner and click on “convert to app page”



Q4 - Is it possible to move pages across apps?

Yes, you can move pages from one app to another but this movement is based on push mechanism and not the pull. So you will have to initiate the movement from source app.

Go to Your App ->Click on Ellipsis (three dots) against each page -> Move Page -> Select the target App



Note: Page will be deleted from the Source app and will be moved to Target app

Q5 - Can I create a personal copy of the page?

Yes, you can do that. Go to your page, navigate to the ellipsis and click on save personal copy.



Q6 - Can I open source module from the page?

No, there is no way to do that as of today. However you can get to know the source model of the page.

Q7 - How can I refresh my page?

There is a little icon on top left side of your screen, just next to the name of your page



Hope this helps

Happy NUXing




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    You see? Posts like this are why you are my personal Anaplan hero @Misbah.

    I always learn something from you!

    +5 Kudos. I'd give you +50 if I could - please keep posting more of these. I keep them all!

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    Thanks a lot for your kind words. You have been instrumental as well and your contribution to the community is top notch.  I had plenty of questions to answer but posted only those which were frequently asked . Will surely add to it in near future.

    "Together we learn and together we grow"






    I am still very much in learning mode with the New UX and question #1 was heavy in my mind.  Really appreciate the info and instruction as this certainly something I will want to leverage!

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    Glad that you liked the content. 

  • Thanks Misbah!! As I'm new with NUX but quite advanced with ALM, your post answered almost all my questions on how to move to "prod" without a true ALM for NUX develpments. However I have a remaining question regarding the "test/validation" phase. With the old UX, I develop in dev, push the change in test environment (or even in prod environment, if it's only report to have real data) and ask end-users to validate the development. I use the role access and the Panel content feature to make sure that only one role can see the new dashboard in the panel content in test (or prod). Once is validated, I change the set up regarding the panel content to make visible the new dashboard to other roles. With the new UX, how can I achieve that? is there a similar Panel content feature? What would be the workaround?

    I'm curious to know how more advanced NUX page builders deal with this question.



  • Misbah



    Pages will respect all the access that you have kept in place for the underlying model. There is an additional feature in NUX where you can manage your Model Roles' access from the pages directly.


    On Content Panel Issue - Your users will see only those pages where you they access to. There is no concept of modules vs dashboards or Content panel in NUX. There are a few ideas that have already been published on the Idea exchange forum like


    Users should not see the pages in the app section when they don't have access to all the cards

    Users should not see the categories when they don't have access to all pages of the category


    As and when they are implemented we can have a cleaner view of Pages in App Section


    Hope that helps

  • Great post @Misbah.



  • Thank you Misbah!  You wrote "Since there is no ALM available in NUX yet" is their expected timing on when ALM for NUX will be available?

  • @edeblacam 


    This Article was written way back in mid 2020. Here is the video that you should watch as ALM in NUX is available right now.



    Hope that helps