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Following on from being delivered (great work @Stan), a piece of feedback was to be able to reply to private message notifications directly via the email so you wouldn't necessarily need to login to community. There are times when you're not logged in!

Obviously would need to see the message within the notification and not just have the notification itself but is worth looking into, whether it would be worth it for general forum postings too i'm not entirely sure.

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  • Stan
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  • Stan

    @andrewtye While this admittedly is not the perfect solution, I think I can get us really close.  What would happen is when you receive your notification via email, at the top would be a 'reply' button.  If you click that reply button, it will open the response window allowing you to reply via the email.  I say it isn't perfect, as you do have to click the 'reply' text in the email, vs being able to click the native "Reply" button in your email application.  Hopeful long-term we'll be able to get around that, but hopefully that will help a bit!  (Edit - This would be for nearly anything you receive from Community including Forums, Ideas, and Private Messages)

    We'll try to get this live early next week once Anaplan Live is finished up!




  • @Stan - that will be really exciting to see next week. incremental gains and all that!

  • Stan

    This has been delivered - This is on by default for everyone, but you can disable it here:

    To enable/disable Reply by Email on an individual level:

    1. Navigate to My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications > Email Format
    2. Turn on/off Reply to posts by email
    3. Click Save.
  • @Stan - Brilliant!

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