Issue with Percentage Number Formatting


Hi All, I noticed recently that the drill down ability on percentage formatted line items has been limited to the amount of decimal places / minimum significant digits selected for the format. Furthermore, if you drill into a cell that Anaplan is storing more precise decimals for, and then enter out of the cell, the stored value is then changed to the rounded amount.  For example:


Format: Percentage, 2 decimals

Input: 100.12345%


This will appear as 100.12% when both viewing a module and when drilling into the cell, however if you multiply it by $1,000,000 will correctly result in $1,001,234.50.  Previously when you would drill into the cell it would show you the full percentage that Anaplan is storing.  Furthermore, when you go back and drill down into the percentage that was input as 100.1235% and then enter out of the cell, the rounded number (100.12%) is then saved. 


Please see screen prints attached for a quick example.  Seems like this is only an issue for percentages, number formatted cells maintain their precision and ability to drill.


I am not sure when this behavior began, but do know that historically both percentages and numbers were able to be drilled on by a user without impacting stored values.  





  • Hi Julia,

    Could you please elaborate a little more? Are you saying that drilling down into a percentage figure changes the value in the cell? I'm confused as it is not possible to drill down into a cell that allows data entry...
  • Yes, to clarify, when you "drill into" a cell (i.e. double click or F2 into an input cell) the rounded value appears, and when you enter out of the cell, the value is then saved as the rounded number.  For example: 


    Cell Format: 2 decimals

    Original input: 100.12345%

    Double click back into the cell: 100.12% appears

    Enter back out of the cell: 100.12% is then saved


    Let me know if that helps!