Manage Models and Search Archived Models in New Home Page


There are currently two key features missing from the new home page:

1) Manage models option

2) Ability to search archived models


I need both features in order to do my job. Until this is added to the new home page, I'll have to switch back to the classic mode every time I need to do do these actions, which will be very inconvenient.

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  • Miran
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  • I agree, as our company continues to grow, so are our client models and workspaces. 

    When Managing Models or searching the Archives, which can be extremely menacing with an archive with 1000+ models. 


    A simple search that narrows down the number of models visible will be perfect, by finding the models that contain any string of text within the search. 

  • @bdeaton - not sure if you've seen but Manage Models can be done via the Homepage... if you go to the Models and click "manage models" it brings up a workspace pick and then cycles off to bring up that page, when you click close it takes you back to the homepage.

    That said being able to search, sort the archive would be awesome...

    @Miran - wonder if this worth merging with @Misbah's


  • @andrewtye I agree, specifically for using past models for re-certification requirements. For Level 3, we can either download a new Data Hub or re-use the Level 2 Data Hub, and with minimal space, downloading new models adds clutter to the workspace, and being able to search the archive for a specific model would be highly beneficial.

  • StevenK

    This hasn't been updated since 2020. It would still be nice to see better functionality in the Archive.

  • 1636583


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