This is the module I have.


Now for the output is it possible to get the report of the module edited into the below view without editing the list name.

I have no restrictions to create a new module or new list.




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  • AWhitworth
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    Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    Your best bet is to create a new list with your full names, use this in an identical module and map from your abbreviated list to your full list names. 


    One question though, is it possible to use your abbreviated list items as the list code and use the full name as the name or display name of the list item?

  • prabhu
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    Hi @Sravan_Kumar,


    The Best Solution for your problem is to set Country Name(Italy) as List item Name and Short form of Country Name(IT) as Code.


    Do you have any Constrain that you don't want to rename the list....?



  • what if you just add a line item with the country full name ?

    Or usually we see the contrary, the list has the names and we add a "code" line item

  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    I agree with @AWhitworth and @prabhu 


    I am not sure why you don't have country list item as name with code but still you can get the value by creating one system module where you can mapped the country name with its code.





    Hope this helps!