Formula to display values from the page selector in a column




I need to be able to display the page selector value in a column. 



The purpose of the module is to assign multiple positions to an order. If it had been the other way around (assign an order to position) I could have used an "assign" action, but, now he task is to do it this way. I need the order column to display the order code (same code in all the cells) for the order that is selected in the page selector.  So in this case all cells in the order column should display 10973030. 


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Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman

    you can simply type the formula:


    ITEM(name of your list)


    make sure to format your line item as your list 

    ps: it is also possible to remove the other dimension from this line item as the formula depends only on the order dimension


  • Hi @CommunityMember117741 


    You have already used order list in dimension so you can write item(order list name) as formula. it will show the order number same as on page.



    Hope this helps!