Level 1 model building certification exam


Hi members, I am new to Anaplan, still learning. Learning Videos are quite helpful on Anaplan Academy. I am on level 1 model building. I see certification at the end, am I eligible to give it? I know it will ask me questions based on exercises which can only be answered if I have workspace access. But just curious, can I still attempt to give the certification based on theoretical concepts, to check my understanding? Thank you so much!


  • Hi!
    Even if you are able to attempt the certification; I would recommend otherwise since the training are not really didactic but hands-on and you will learn more going through the build(no matter which level) than attempting certification.

    Happy Anaplanning!
  • Hi,


    I think it is possible to start your exam, however as far as I remember, in some of the questions your are asked to choose specific amount as an outcome of your calculations or copy paste formula from a module. That would make it hard for you to pass the exam without model built.


    Anyway, Level 1 and Level 2 are very good courses and I would recommend to fully follow them since they outline best practices of model building.


    Good luck on your training!

  • Thank you! Also, what is the certification road map..Is level 1 the first one and then level 2, what comes after that?

  • Yes, after Level 1, you can follow Level 2 which requires you to be a bit more independent in building. Passing these two courses together with in-person The Anaplan Way course gives you Model Builder Certification. 


    Afterwards, you can follow Level 3 which was just released 2 weeks ago! This together with other requirements can get you Solutions Architect certification.


    Learning Path depends also whether you are Customer, Partner or Anaplan Employee. 


    You can find more information in Anaplan Academy: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Academy/ct-p/Training


    Feel free to reach out here in case of additional questions, hope this helps! 

  • Hello,


    Try to connect with Anaplan team and check if they will allow to provide workspace access.


    L1 & L2 training and certificates are based on practical questions and answer.




  • Thanks. Yes I cleared LM1. How difficult is LM2?
  • L2 training still gives you some guidance, but already requires you to be more independent. You will need to be build Data Hub and Supply Chain Model as well as connect both. It provides additional practice and covers more advanced topics of model building as well as best practices. There are 3 exams after each sprint as well as conclusion exam.


    Good luck! 

  • Ok, will get to it, thanks!


    Hoping it is as well structured (except for 2 sections in Dashboard part) and intuitive as the LM1.

  • In my opinion, the course is well structured and very informative in general! Academy Team did really good job on the new courses.


    Let us know if you need any tips, good luck 🙂

  • Thanks @Filip, i really appreciate it.

  • Hi, 


    I would like to appear for LV1 and LV2 Certification. Can you share below details.

    1) How many questions and the duration of exam

    2) Are they Multiple Choice Questions or any practical 

    3) What is the process to register for exam

    4) How many attempts we can give. Is there any time limit to reappear the exam from one to another attempt







  • Hi @ssivabpc 


    Answers inline


    1. 10, no duration

    2. All multiple choice. Theory + practical (which you will answer using the model you built while training)

    3. At the end of the course, it will give you access to exam 

    4. 6. No time limit. 


    Hope it helps. All the best 

  • Thanks for the details Satyam.
    May i know the pass criteria for 10 Q's.
    How about Level 2 ? Level 2 is same as Level 1 or any changes.
  • 80% (8 out of 10)

    Level 2 is same but split into 3 sprints and 1 final (4 exams)

  • Hi, I have successfully completed My Level1 exam and then completed my Survey. However when I click on Get Certificate button, It's not giving me any details. Any advise please?

    Here is the screenshot:

  • AjayM

    Hi @mavuls1 ,

    Congratulations on completing level1 training course.

    If you have completed it only today, 15th Mar, allow around 24hrs for the download link to activate. Also, please check that pop-up blocker of your browser has not been reset (it should 'allow').

    If you still can't download it, you may write to academy@anaplan.com


  • Thank you Ajay!!. appreciate your quick response!