Filter what appears in the dropdown for a list-formatted line item with a boolean


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Currently, you can filter a list using the "Selective access" and "Dependent" checkboxes when you go to the Format property of a line item, or you can create a list subset.

It may happen that you want to have more control over what appears in the list than the checkboxes allow... but applying a subset comes with its own set of problems.


Notably, subsets can't be easily updated from a module (they live in the list itself and would have to be updated through an action, at least in the new UX), and if you remove a list item from the subset then you lose any data associated with that list item in a subset-formatted line item. 



I would like to be able to filter what appears in that list based on a simple boolean from a different line item. Ideally, this would not change the list that is applied, just what shows up in the dropdown -- contrary to what happens if you apply a subset. 



This front end-only change could help end-user experience by not having to scroll through irrelevant list items, while giving modelers granular control over what shows up in the list and preserving data . 

For example, if I would like to associate a row in a module with a team member (via a line item formatted by People), I might have a boolean that shows current v. former team members, and I would only like current team members to show up... but not erase data for former team members that has already been input.

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  • Miran
    Status changed to: New
  • MCarls02

    I agree.  I have a use case where I'd like to limit the time period dropdown based on a boolean.

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