Development Practice


Do we have any Workspace to practice and develop models in Anaplan.

I want to practice and Learn.



  • @RAG09 

    Great question.

    Presently, there is no public sandbox.

    However, if you are a recognized Anaplan partner or a customer, there typically is an installation set up for training and sandboxing. Visit with your tenant administrator or your Anaplan business partner. They can help guide you.

    Anaplan also has a tiered pricing plans. You can check them out on this link.

    Lastly, there is a test being conducted right now for a small number of master anaplanners to have their own sandbox to work with. I must mention this is experimental right now but there may be a more significant rollout to all the master anaplanners at some future date.

    Hope this helps. 

  • Misbah



    No you can't, if your company has not purchased license from Anaplan. If you are a freelancer you too can get in touch with Anaplan pricing team and can pay for the license but I must say it is really expensive for an individual. As they say All good things come with a price.

  • no
  • I'm working on evaluating Anaplan for my organization. And I have to say, not having a training environment is a large gap versus other platforms in the market.


    For instance, Salesforce has their Trailhead platform. Microsoft offers free Power Platform environments to facilitate their MS Learn platform.


    For people trying to evaluate platforms to make Enterprise-level decisions, this adds friction to the process.

  • @brosequist 


    I am not sure I understand the training environment comment, that is simply a different model in our world.  As for learning Anaplan, we offer L1 though L3 models for you to build in order to learn how Anaplan works.