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Curious to know if I enter the formula at the line item directly, would it work (screenshot)?


Im doing LM1, reccommneded method is to double click and write on top or expand the formula bar.


But looks like it is editable at the line item directly as well, but I am not sure if it will work..

Best Answer

  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @SatyamArora 


    Yes it will work perfectly if you enter the correct formula.

    Only limitation is that by chance if you enter a wrong formula then again you have to write a formula but if you edit the line items and enter the formula in formula bar  then your formula still be there & you can change formula directly.






  • @SatyamArora

    Great question.

    @Akhtar.shahbaz is right.

    In fact, some people prefer to edit formulas in grid view because they can see the results right away. 


  • Thanks for your help @Akhtar.shahbaz , @JaredDolich .. Followup question, does syntax matter - space, uppercase or lowercase

  • Hi @SatyamArora 


    You can write syntax either in upper case or lower case doesn’t matter but of course space matter for syntax. for example

    you can write “isnotblank” or ISNOTBLANK bith are acceptable but if you give space in between like “IS NOTBLANK” then it will throw error.


    Hope this helps!