Near-instant page/dashboard display


It might be possible to skip the initial loading wait, when switching to a new page (model) in the platform.

We know that models are aggregated as the contributing data is changed, and we can also know what needs to be displayed when a page is first requested. To load a page near-instantly, I propose that we don't load the whole model initially. Instead, we would only (server-side) load the superficial elements that are required to display a page/card/grid, i.e. the directly-exposed surface of aggregations and detail. Under the hood, these can be tagged or collected in a small package in the model, and we would need a means of calling upon only this tagged data. The result is superficial, until the server back-fills (lazy-loads) the underlying data into the model, to then unlock user interactions, so there might then be a further delay to interact with the page. However, this fast loading would enable casual browsing or a quick peep at a page, and would better serve the 'read-only' use cases. Further, (stretch goal!) prioritising partitions or layers of the model for loading might help other use cases, but the benefits are less obvious.

Appreciating that although this appears simple in principle, it would take a lot of effort to implement.

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