Lead formula not allowed for formula summary


I have a line item in percentage (POC). I already created the formula and set the summary totals to formula to get the correct %. But I need the value of the percentage for the following year. for example my period is Jan 2020, I need to reflect the value of the percentage in Jan 2021 in my Jan 2020 period. I tried using the formula LEAD to get the value. Formula : Lead(lineitem,12,0) but it is not working if the summary total is set to formula. If I dont set the summary to Formula,  I will get incorrect percentage at the totals level since it will just sum it up.


How do I get now the correct value of percentage?



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  • Hi @Ana22 ,


    You can create one more line item formatted time scale to year and reference the lineitem which you created. it will create subsidiary view. please find the below screenshot. Yes, You can not set summary to formula. please find the below link https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Calculation_Functions/All/LEAD.html


    Please share the sample what exactly do you want.







    Hope, it will help you.








  • Hi @Ana22 


    Yes, You cannot set the Time Summary to Formula while using Lead function. However, you can easily set the Main summary as 'Formula' and your Time Summary as 'Sum' or None as our intention is to bring in the previous period data. Then you the Lead function to get the value from the previous year month. If you see below, I have shown you the screenshots for city level and All Region levels. In both cases, the percentages in 2019 are the same as 2018. 






  • Hi,


    I also need it for the year, is it possible?



  • HI,


    Thanks! I tried this but is not working



    It should be this amount



    Any other suggestion?



  • Hi @Ana22 ,


    It is definitely possible. Then use Lead for the above line items. Please see the screenshot below.1.PNG2.PNG

  • HI,


    This worked. Thank you so much! 🙂




  • Totally agreed @Misbah , on the Hard coding comment. We should not hardcode in formulas. I just did not want to confuse creating additional logic or line items. Wanted to quickly help with the actual problem being faced by Ana




  • @gaurav_sharma-bng  Sure!!.


    As long as we are following PLANS we will be in a better position to deliver a great experience to the end users. Cheers