"Last visited" models property to be updated properly


Currently, new Home page allows you to quickly access last visited models. If you want even more that 8 recent models, you can go to new Models page or classic Home, and there models are (by default) sorted by the time you accessed them last time.


The problem is, "Last visited" model property is updated only if you launch model through classic Home. If you open a model via new Home or Models pages (so de facto via link "app.anaplan.com/a/springboard-platform-gateway-service/workspaces/{Workspace ID}/models/{Model ID}/redirect"), "Last visited" isn't updated. Because Anaplan is switching default landing page after logging in to new Home soon and most users will be opening their models without using classic Home, it's very important to update "Last visited" correctly.

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  • Miran
    Status changed to: New
  • I think this topic can be closed, as Anaplan now properly handles updating of the "Last visited" field.

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