Locking row item/s from deletion for select few roles on the basis of another boolean formatted line

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I need help in the below query,


I have a boolean formatted line item in source module published on a dashboard. As soon as the Boolean flag is marked “True” by ‘Role A or Role B’, the expectation is for corresponding row item/s to get locked from deletion for all roles except Role A & B on all the dashboards(two) wherever the row item is reflecting with a delete flag.


Please suggest a solution apart from 'giving selective access to Role A & B to the requisite list or source module' since the delete action is dependent on the boolean flag




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    Hi @Ajinkya 


    Try this


    Step 1: Create a separate Line Item(LOCK) for Locking the List items from deletion

                In my example, Module name - Account Deletion


    Step 2:  Publish this LOCK Line Item to a dashboard and give access to Role A and Role B to this dashboard, so Role C/D cannot access this dashboard and delete the accounts.


    Step 3: Create Read/Write Access drivers as shown in the module

    Step 4: Use this read/write access driver in the Delete line item, so the locked account won't be available for the deletion for any user.

    Step 5: Create a Delete action based on the Delete Line item and publish it your dashboard

    Step 6: Create another Delete action based on the LOCK line item and publish it in the Lock Account dashboard.


    In this way, locked accounts cannot be deleted except the user have access to the LOCK Account dashboard.


    I hope this will solve your issue



    Vignesh M 



  • @Ajinkya 

    The confusing point for me about your use case is when you say "locked from deletion".

    Are you trying to prevent a list item from being deleted or trying to prevent a cell from being edited?

    Cell Editing Prevention

    • This use case sounds like an example of how Dynamic Cell Access could help.
    • The Boolean that is manually set would trigger the DCA Boolean to be "read only". this would prevent the cell from being edited.

    List Item Delete Prevention

    • In this example, the manual Boolean set would trigger the Boolean in the system module that controls the list.
    • When you run your delete action, only the list items that are not reflective of the Boolean on the dashboard would be deleted.


    If interested, let me know which your trying to do and I'll pull together a visual example for you.

  • Hi Jared - I am interested to know your approach, can you give some visual example 🙂
  • Hi Jared, I am trying to prevent list item deletion.

  • @Ajinkya 

    @VIGNESH.M has a very good solution if that is your use case.

    My idea was to use a system module that would be based on business rules you define, an assumption that your use case was a little more simple. If I'm wrong, let @VIGNESH.M and I know. We'll get you to the finish line.

    Step 1: Create the system module. This is where you will set up your business rules that determine what can and cannot be deleted. You can put this on a dashboard, or keep it in the background so the user cannot override your decisions. In this case I have a simple rule. If Keep Me! is True then you cannot delete this county.



    Step 2: Create a delete list action. that deletes counties that are marked for deletion. Notice only the counties that meet our business rules will be deleted, thus "locking" the other list items.


    Step 3: Add the delete action to a dashboard so users can remove the list items that meet your business rules.


    See the results: