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So there is this requirement where we require to bring in a list of selections into one single cell. My immediate thought was using a text list function (as i think that is the only way around it even though it has performance issues). Basically in my case, there is a module  A with dimensions viz; independent list D1, D2, D3  where as i have another module called with D1 and D2  as dimensions (yes D1 and D2 are common in both modules).


User selects multiple items (in a boolean lineitem) in module A corresponding to D1  D2 & D3.


The requirement is that i need to get this 'list' of selections from module  A to module B  based on the common dimensions D1 and D2 .


I tried my hands to write something like this in module B:

if module_A.boolean_LI then module_A.Text_LI[TEXTLIST: 'LI_1', TEXTLIST: 'LI_2']

else BLANK


boolean_LI -> boolean formatted LI in module A which if selected i need TL to work

Text_LI -> text foramtted LI that I need to bring which is code(Listitem) that i need as my output in TL 

L1_1 -> List formatted item based on D1 in module B

L2_2->List formatted item based on D2 in module B


Ironically, the formula is accepted without any errors but NO output! 😞 Is there a way I can get this working?  Appreciate any alternative to this as well !


P.S: I did go thru this awesome post as well Lookup, Sum and Textlist Cheat Sheet - Anaplan Community




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  • Misbah
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    TEXTLIST is expensive and Taxing as you already know. Now if there is a requirement we can't do much about it.


    Textlists can be used in two ways :

    One -  Aggregation, the way you are doing it. (Results will be duplicate in the cell)

    Second - Concatenating a series of text cells ( Results can be unique as well as duplicate depending on the syntax)


    Although both help in achieving one common objective but the second one gives you an option of finding unique codes instead of having duplicates in one cell


    To answer your question with Approach 1- Try including two list formatted line items on which you are aggregating (in the Source Module).In your case Module A LI1 & Module A LI2 with D1 and D2 formatted respectively and then write the same formula that you have written.


    Hope that helps


  • ankit_cheeni

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    Your solution is perfectly fine and would work with one small tweak. In Module B, you are using the boolean field in your formula. However, since there is an extra dimension in Module A the formula isn't picking the right booleans(for the extra dimension, Anaplan doesn't know what to do).


    I would recommend you use the boolean to drive your text LI in Module A and removing the IF ELSE condition in Module B:


    Here is what my textlist formula in Moduel B would the be:


    Note my two list formatted line item used in Textlist is in the source module itself(for mapping). 


    Let me know if this resolves your issue. 




  • Thank you loads! @ankit_cheeni  Yes. I updated the formula to check the boolean in the source itself and like @Misbah mentioned too, I included the mapping item in the source module and it worked like a charm! Thank you both.