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Dear Members,


I need only these parent values.

Which will be the easiest way to do it?




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  • Misbah
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    There are many ways but I would take the route of auto aggregation thru hierarchy.


    Create another module with Parent list as a dimension and just point and click to this module. Anaplan will pull the values automatically

  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    There is a multiple way to get parent value

    1. Create a module with parent dimension only and refer to your child module.





    2) just select Level and show in the Dashboard




    Note: If you select the level then your synchronization will not work.

    Hope this helps!




  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    I think we may need some more details to make sure we can help you with this question.


    If you need the children to do the calculation but just want to show the parent values on a dashboard you could right click on the hierarchy within your module and click on "Select Levels to show" to hide the leaf level item. If you are trying to pull these values into a different module could you share the dimensionality of the target module so we can best advise what the best approach is?




  • Thanks you so much Akhtar.