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Hi Friends,


I can't populate directly from list but need to populate the values from Module 1.

I was trying with LookUp but it throwing error mentioning 'List does not have a built-in top level'.


Please help.

I am learning on my own and none to ask assistance.









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  • prabhu
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    Hi @Sravan_Kumar,


    I understood your problem.


    You have tried to get month name as output ->>>>>  You have achieved 

    But, based on what common similarity? you want to get the month name >>>> you have missed it


    Again to your note: you have mismatch dimension between 2 modules


    Step 1: I created a same mod 1 as you have created with simple list as dimension.










    Step 2: I expect this should be your output.






    Explanation of Line item :



    List name : Purpose of this line item is to display all list item name.

    Source List exists : Purpose of this line item is to check, is there any similar name between simple list and fruits list, and retrieving the similar list name which exists in simple list(which is a dimension in mod 1).

    month cal: Purpose of this Line item is to fetch the month name based on source line item.


    That is i am retrieving the month name based on simple list.






    Hope this helps you.



    Sorna Raja Prabhu


  • Panji

    Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    Can you decribe specific about your problem?, 

    i mean like you want take amount from module 1 base on month/something.


    But, if your problem about 'List does not have a built-in top level'. you just need to add top level(ex Total) in List






  • Misbah



    You need to understand the basic concept of how it works. Let me try and explain with example


    Source Module with 3 dimensions - A, B & C

     and Target module with 2 dimensions - A & B.

    Now if you try to point and click in Target Module you need to have top level set for List C because Anaplan will map the common dimensions (A & B) and you need to tell Anaplan what should happen with the third dimensions which is not common between the two modules. Anaplan will aggregate the values on List C and pull the aggregated value, if you have a top level set and if you don't then it will throw an error.


    You can also Use SELECT and LOOKUP to pull the Values - We Avoid using SELECT on list items but you can use SELECT on Top Level as it doesn't fall under production data.


    Hope that helps




    When there is one to one mapping - Use LOOKUP

    When there is many to one - Use SUM





  • Yes @Panji.

    I want to populate the months Jan, Feb... from a different module.

    I can't use list to populate directly.


  • Thanks @Misbah  for detail briefing.

    Can you tell me is there any way, we can map One to Many?

    What we usually do in such cases?

    I ask pardon, if my question sounded silly.

  • prabhu

    Hi @Sravan_Kumar,


    I am not 100% clear in your question.


    But seeing your module, there is no dimension common between 2 modules.


    i have 2 question to you....

                             1. Assuming Module 2 as your target Module, what you want to fetch from from Module 1 (Source Module) ?

                             2. Based on what similarity or condition you have to fetch?





    I feel you have to change your target module dimension.


    or @Sravan_Kumar  you can share your excel calculation what do you want to achieve?


    i can help u in relating excel and anaplan.




    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • Hi @prabhu,


    Let me explain my problem in detail.


    I have a Module (Mod2) which has months in 1, 2, 3,..., 11, 12.


    Now I have a reference Module (Mod1) which has months. It has List (Custom Month).

    So initially we created a Mod1.


    Now I want the months to be populated in Mod2 as: Jan, Feb, Mar,..., Nov, Dec.

    But it should be linked to Mod1. I can't populate the Mod2 directly from the list.


    Simple referencing returned blank.


    Please let me know, if I failed to describe my problem.











  • Panji



    1.  you use different list in modul 1 and modul  2,


    2.  you need to mapping between modul 1 and modul 2 using list in line item


    3. is this case you can't use lookup with format TEXT (please cmiiw)


    i think i create like this 







  • Hi @Panji,


    But in my case, I won't be having Col2.

    I can create Col2 with any formula linked but not inputting values.






  • Thanks your taking time to reply @prabhu.

    The answer looks perfect to me.

    I am trying and let you know, in case I am stuck.