Filtering Import

This is my Original Module.

Now I want to create a New Module which will have only Orange Data.

But I can't use Lookup, as I have restrictions of Formula Linking.

Only thing I can do is Import.

Is there any way to do it?

Need your support.






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  • cmaurice
    Answer ✓

    A - Create :

    1. A system module to define the filter criteria
    2. A boolean line item to filter your data in the source module (formula should be like Item(Fruits) = System Module.selection)

    B - Create a saved view using this line item


    C - Create your import using this saved view (my advice is to update a subset of the existing list to be used in the new module) 


    Hope it helps !

  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    No need to create a new module, just create a view and filter out the fruit type Orange.


    1. Create a system module to select fruit type, here in your case "Orange"


    2. create one line item for filter


    3. apply the filter you will get the desire result.





    Hope this help!