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I have a module that is products (div, dept, class) x locations (channel, store) x time (week).  I have a line item PRD_PARENT.  I want to know the parent product at all times. lowest level product list is ProductsL3.  I set the format for PRD_PARENT to be list ProductsL3. I set the formula to be PRD_PARENT = PARENT(ITEM(ProductsL3)) The message I get is: "The formula for Top Down Pre Season.PRD_PARENT is invalid: PRD_PARENT = PARENT(ITEM(ProductsL3))" any thoughts on why this is invalid? Thanks.

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    If ProductsL3 is the lowest level of the hierarchy, then the line item (PRD_PARENT) which returns its parent should be formatted to the list which represents the next level up, so perhaps 'ProductsL2'.

    Hope this helps.


  • thanks - yes, I'd tried formatting to ProductsL2, and entering Prd_parent=parent(item(ProductsL3)) - but still got the invalid formula message.

    However, after much trial and error, I discovered that, if your list name includes a number, you must put the list name inside quotes in the item function - so prd_parent=parent(item('ProductsL3')) worked!
  • Hi Michael
    To avoid trial and error in the future there are two aproaches you could try:
    1) if in doubt put the single quotes in; if they are not needed Anaplan will remove them
    2) Within the formula editor, you will be able to navigate to general lists and click on the required list. This will automatically generate the correct syntax. Ths same applies if you were trying to select a specific item within a list and were not sure if you needed single quotes.

    Hope that helps