Very urgent ---- Formula assistance needed


Module 1: I have a Transaction List and the Employees responsible for the Sales.


Module 2: These are 3 types of Cars of different cities Commission percentage.


Module 3: Now the challenge is I have to make a new module with Employee and Commission. But the data should be flowing from Module 1 by ‘Connect to Anaplan Model’.

I have provided how Module 3 (Calc) 2 will look like.

I think Sum Function will be helpful initially but not aware how to write the formula of reference in Anaplan.


Kindly guide me on this Community Friends.


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  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    I have tried to replicate your problem and calculation.


    1. Create a system module to input the product count



    2. Create one calculation module to sum count of product.




    3. Create another module by Car type and location and one line item for input the percentage





    Hope this helps!



  • Sravan_Kumar

    Thanks @Akhtar.shahbaz for your detail screenshot.

    It is really helpful.

    But in my case, for Module 1, Products are Text formatted (as it is from Hub).

    So in that case, can I change it to List format? 

    Please guide me. Such that after transformation I will follow your way of process.




  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    Just add one more line item and find the product type using FINDITEM formula then proceed futher with the same approach.






    Hope this helps!




  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    You are so very close to the answer!  You will indeed want to leverage the SUM function here.  In order to do this you will need to reference the count line as the column holding the values to be summed and the Products line item as the column to cross reference.  In common language, this would take each product in the target module (Cars Mod 2) and if the product matches in the source module (DH Mod 1) it includes that count in the summation.  



    Let me know if you need any more help.  🙂


  • Thanks @Tiffany.Rice.

    I really need help.

    As dimension is not same in both the module, having Cities extra.

    How will I be able to do so?

  • Thanks @Akhtar.shahbaz for your tireless selfless help.

    I will certainly follow your way.