Cannot enter decimals starting with a dot via new UX forms


It seems that we cannot enter decimals without leading zeros (i.e .068) via forms. The field on the form is from a module with the same list and has the number format. When I open the module, I can enter the number as .068 in to the cell but cannot do it via the form because it is giving me an error saying "Not a valid number".

Is there a setting that needs to be turned on to fix this?


  • Hi @ipekkirali 


    I think this is a bug. we can't enter number without leading zero.

    In my opinion it should allow the user to enter in both way. It would be better as of now to enter the number with leading zero.


    I can understand from the end user prospective, this message shouldn't be display, it will confuse the user even they enter the correct number.


    Hope this helps!




  • Hi @Akhtar.shahbaz ! I agree that the user should be able enter both ways and this is potentially a bug. Thanks for confirming that I wasn't missing a detail.