Breakback in a Forecast Version

Hi! I’m trying to use the Breakback function in a LI that’s Formula Scope: Actual. So, my Switchover’s in Jun 14, and I’m in the Fcst Version. It doesn’t do Breakback for Q2, just adds the units that I put in the cell to the Quarter. The same happens in the FY14 cell. Is there a way to pass this on??

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  • DavidSmith
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    Hi Micaela
    If the formula scope is set to actual then in the forecast version, the LI is effectively data entry so it cannot breakback against anything other than time (or other list hierarchies)
    Could you expand a little on what you are expecting to happen
    We do offer Guru sessions where we can take a look at your model and help that way too
  • DavidSmith
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    Are you using versions?
    If you search Anapedia for versions and switchover, there is a video that will explain how to get a rolling forecast to work

    If you use use an actual version to hold the actuals and a forecast with switchover, the actuals will then automatically come through into the forecast version. You can then type into the totals for year and quarter and the breakback will work as you want.
    You shouldn't need to use formula scope then

    Hope that helps


  • Hi David, thanks for your answer. Let me explain myself better.
    I'd like to use breakback against data in a forecast version. If you see in the print below, it works perfectly for a LI with no formula.
    My formula only works in the actual version, so I want to use breakback with data that is taken from the actuals (but now they don't act through a formula) and the data that I put in the forecast cells.
    Most times, what we put in the Quarters or FY are targets, so I'd like to be able to set a target and know how much or how less should be the monthly values for my forecast.