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Please tell me friends, if I mark a list as a Production List, then will it be visible to end-user?

And how can the end-user update that list?

By clicking insert as we do from development?

Or we have to create action button for this?

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  • Misbah



    See @Tiffany.Rice  reply. I think that answers your query.


    One thing I would like to highlight is that end users can also modify the list items from the dashboards. If it is a numbered list you can go ahead and publish the button for end users to create items into the list


    If it is a General List you won't get an option of publishing CREATE buttons instead there will be a + sign on the top right side of the list if that list is published on to the dashboard. End users can also create items by going to Dashboard Module Menu options->Edit->Insert  and insert the items.


    Hope that helps


  • Thanks @Tiffany.Rice.

    For clearing my doubt.