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Dear Friends,


I am in urgent need, to find the Parent level total in a different module.

But I am unable to do so. 

SUM, LOOKUP didn't work mentioning issues.

Kindly help me, I am in  really dire need.






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  • kavinkumar
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    HI @Sravan_Kumar,

    Create another line item with 'List New' as format in 'Module Tests - Copy' module and put this formula. FINDITEM('List New',Prodt Text). Then by using SUM function, try to achieve the data in your target module. 

    Hope it helps! 


  • @Sravan_Kumar  - Don't Use Sum and Lookup, Because you have common dimension.


    Just simply **** the formula. it works.



  • Hi @prabhu.

    Did it work for you if have multiple child?

    I tried it, it didn't work for me.

    It is returning full total, not total as: L3A, L3B, L3C, L3D, L3E... individually.

    It returned total of L3.

    Please let me know, if I am wrong.





  • @Sravan_Kumar - 


    Find the below Screen shot.






    Check your dimension and if possible send the screen shot of  blueprint and list hierarchy

  • Hi @prabhu.

    I want the Level 3 total only in the final module.

    Please tell me, where I need to edit.



    Original Module: 




    Final Module:





  • @Sravan_Kumar,


    You are using different dimension(Which is not a part of Hierarchy dimension in Source Module) in target module.


    If you replace the dimension from List New(Flat list) to Level 3 Dimension 


    it works.



    But is it any need of using new Dimension in Target Module...?

  • Thanks so much @kavinkumar.

    It helped.



  • Thanks so much friend @prabhu so for your generous help.

    My project is needed in that way.