issue in anaplan level 2 training content. Help!


Guys I think there is a serious issue in the formula suggested for building "INV01 Inventory Ordering" module in this course. 


The requirement is to write a formula that would result in "Final Shipment Amount" to get reflected in the corresponding week as "delivered value"  based on the "shipping time" of the "selected mode of transport". However, if you try to do it with the Offset formula, it would NEVER work. This is because when you try to offset the "Final Shipment Amount" using "Shipping time", the value you will get will be based on the "Shipping time" set for the week when the delivery is expected, and NOT the week when the delivery is initiated. 

Level 2 Issue.PNGLevel 2 Issue - Anaplan Screen.PNG


  • Hi,


    Yes, you are right.

    Offset function is not the correct function in this scenario. Offset only returns a single value, not the aggregated value of the source.

    In the latter portion of the course, we will be informed to correct this formula, a detailed explanation and right function will be shared.

    You can correct this by identifying the right function now or continue with the course and fix it later. 



    Vignesh M