Importing data Module-to Module


I’m trying to put Lookup and SUM function but every time it says ‘The formula is invalid’  and it doesn’t exactly tell what is the problem.

I want to import data in Module F from Module A and Module B.

I tried to use below formula for importing Module A data to Module F as they both have same dimension so i thought it would be easy to import but I got below error:


In Module F, Writing formula for Capacity as  -> Module A.Capacity [Lookup:D1, Lookup D2]


** Line items are all numbered format. Attaching screenshot for clarity.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


  • Hi @vlaxmi1 


    As your source module and target module having same dimension then you don't need LOOKUP or SUM function you can directly refer to source line item in your target module.

    Module F (Capacity) = Module A.capacity






    Hope this helps!



  • Thanks! It did work 🙂 So when dimension are same it will import but can you also suggest when dimension are different like for source module 2( my both dimension are different, D3,D4) Than Target module ( which has D1,D2 Dimension) but i have created an another source module 3 (which has 1 line item as list (matching to target module D1) and which is parent of D3)


  • HI @vlaxmi1 


    As I am not sure about your data and mapping relationship but as you mentioned D3 is a parent of D1 then based on this I have created one example for you.

    1. Created a system module to build relationship between D1 & D3



    2. Created another source module by D3 dimension and one line item for mfg units. 



    3. Target module:



    Note: here we have a relation this between D1 & D3 but not with D2 in target module so you will get same value for all D2 items.

    So basically we need to define relationship then we can use lookup and sum function easily.


    Let me know if you need any clarification.

    Hope this helps!



  • Hi @vlaxmi1 ,


    How D1, D2 is related to D3, D4? Is there any parent-child relationship between these lists? or you have mapping table between these dimensions?

    if yes, pls share the screenshots.


    ~Vignesh M