Maximum Value of a line item


Can you please suggest a way to find out maximum value of a line item across time period?   So for example My module has 2 dimensions Partner Name and Time. I have to find ma bookings for that partner in last 24 months and use it further   For a partner named ABC what is Maximum Value(bookings) across years 2013 and 2012 where bookings line item is at monthly time scale. I have to use this maximum value for further calculation. but I am not able to get to max value.  Regards, Ankesh

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    One way to do this might be...[list=1]
    Create a line item named 'Max Bookings to Date'
    Ensure its Time Summary is set to 'Closing Balance'
    Give this line item the formula... IF Bookings > PREVIOUS(Max Bookins to Date) THEN Bookings ELSE PREVIOUS(Max Bookins to Date)
    Now you can...[list=1]
    Create a module with just the Partner dimension; no time
    Put in it a line item 'Max Bookings'
    Give it a formula Source Module.Max Bookings to Date[SELECT: Time.'All Periods']


  • Thank you this solves my problem. I was making one mistake in my approach which was similar to what you have suggested.

    Thanks a lot!