Filtering line items or lists by another list


I have a module of multiple different input line items, but those inputs vary by the elements in a list. For example the North region (list item) has 2 of the 5 inputs, and the south region may have all of the inputs. I want to be able to use a filter to only show those applicable input line items for its respective list item.


And for each input, I also need a pre-load line item, an override boolean, and the override value line item. I tried using a line item subset for the inputs and then using a filter module dimensionalized by the "region" list and the line item subset of inputs but the filter gives me an error when applying it.


  • Hi,


    I see 2 scenarios. 


    First One :

    If your inputs have different formats (text, number, list, ...), my opinion is that what you are trying to achieve is not manageable in one unique module. You'll have to create one module per input and manage a region subset for each input. Then you'll have :

    - Module 1 with subset "s Regions for input 1" (for example) as dimension and one line item input 1 with the correct format,

    - Module 2 with subset "s Regions for input 2" (for example) as dimension and one line item input 2 with the correct format,


    In a dashboard you can then manage a filter or a selector on regions and gather all input modules there.


    Second one :

    All your input have the same format then you can manage it in one single module with two dimensions : regions and inputs (input 1, input 2, ... ). The module will have at least two line item : value (with the good format) and valid? (boolean). You can use the boolean to filter data and manage DCA.

    NB : Rather than using two lists, you can manage a technical numbered list with a region property that materialize valid region/input combinations (to avoid sparsity).


    Good luck !

  • Yash1

    Hi @moriahreyes ,


    You can create 1 more list for Input Values. 

    In the module create 2 line items Input and Mapping (Boolean).



    Create a filter based on this line item. 




    Hope this helps.