Summary setting for module dimensionalized by years and fake months list




I have a module dimensionalized by years and a "fake" month list (and other dimensions) so I can see line items month to month, year over year. I'm pulling the data from another reporting module that's dimensionalized by time (month) so I'm using a line item to map months to years and using that as a lookup. This all works at the lowest level of my list hierarchy but once I go to the roll-ups the summaries are not calculating correctly and I cannot use the formula setting due to the lookup function. The previous iteration of this module used a select function for every period, but I'm really trying to avoid long hard-coded formulas and keep it dynamic. Any suggestions? (image of module and mapper below)





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  • johndorma
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    In situations where I need a lookup but have a ratio or percentage, I bring in the components of the calculation using a lookup into the module and then calculate the ratio or percentage in a separate line item which will allow for the formula summary method.


  • Misbah



    Bringing each component of the calculations into the current module and then use them as ratio for percentages at higher level should solve your problem as @johndorma  suggested