Undo Function in NUX

Can we have "Ctrl+Z" or Undo Function in NUX like the way we have it in classic.


Update from @davewaller:

I've been working with Level 3 support to update this idea as there are some aspects of the undo functionality that have not been delivered within the UX, while other aspects have.

  • Undo of single cell, single value changes - DELIVERED
  • Undo of cell deletions using the <DEL> key - CONSIDERED FOR FUTURE ROADMAP
  • Undo of pasting values into cells - CONSIDERED FOR FUTURE ROADMAP

To continue to track these additional requests to the undo functionality I will be marking this idea as CONSIDERED FOR FUTURE ROADMAP on the basis that the first part has been delivered and this post reflects a request for the additional enhancements.

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